The originator and owner of the brand is Tomasz Krawczyk - interpersonal communication expert, trainer, coach, active negotiator - Content Director in our organization.

The leader of the trainers team is Andrzej Kreczmer - trainer, coach, business advisor, lead auditor of Mystery Client survey, expert of Sales Standards implementation

What was the beginning?

The Stainer Consulting company started activity in 2002, using the graphic sign presented next to.
At the beginning of 2015, the logo has been changed (sign below).

New QUALITY - within 15 years we have brought a new approach to the market of trainings conducting, consulting and auditing services.

About us

The Stainer Consulting team consists only practitioners of sales, negotiation and management activities. We create a new methodology and new standards of training, consulting and auditing services.

Members of our team are active negotiators and managers. Thanks to this we guarantee practical training to our clients .

As a result of our experts' work, new methods of sales, negotiations and management have been developed and techniques known in the market - like the SPIN technique - have been improved .

We want to be - and we are being assessed today - the Meritorical Leader of the business training market.

The participants of our trainings use free expert's advice for a year after training

Our Achievements

Own solutions - we have developed many methods of sales, negotiation and team management

We have established new standards of above services realization

We have developed and implemented own Customer Service Standards in many Polish companies

Our solutions are implemented in other European countries

We build our clients. Many of them have achieved the position of leader in own branch.

We build branches. For example our trainings received a recommendation of the Polish Contact Lens Association as an expanding optical branch.

References - all of our clients you can ask for opinion about cooperation with us and we encourage you to do so. This is our greatest achievement.



Arousing interest, convincing, relationships, controlling of conversation, retail, B2B.


Tactics, strategies, communication, reactions, traders, merchants, managers, debtors.