Shortcut of the operating procedure

At the client's request, the Lead Auditor develops a schedule and plan for the implementation of the 'Mystery Client' program, including an evaluation questionnaire.

Next, our auditors as customers, submit to the service offered by employees of our Client. They can be customers:
   visiting the point of sale directly
   contacting company via electronic communication (telephone, fax, e-mail).

The program ends with the analysis of data and a written report.

Application of
Mystery Client Aditors

(polish language)

Benefits from the research

The real evaluation of the level of service quality
    organizational system evaluation: document flow, time-consuming procedures, effectiveness of actions - indication of strengths and weaknesses of a functioning communication system with clients
    employee evaluation: attitude, competences, skills,

Support for the existing Quality Management System

Thanks to the rewarding of employees engaged in getting customer satisfaction, they are motivated to develop a promoted attitude.

By combining the results of the Mystery Client research with the system of rewarding employees or franchise partners, we obtain an additional, extremely effective motivating action.

Why should you choose us ?

Professionalism of the assessment - the most important are the competences of the auditors. Our internal standards precisely define who can become the Auditor of Mystery Client Stainer Consulting

Reliability of results - the results obtained are subject to 3 levels of internal verification before we delivere them to the Client, in the form of a report and Audit Cards.

Full responsibility - our experts provide direct answers to the assessed persons in the event of any objection to the results

Individual approach - before every research, we analyze the individual situation of the client. Next we create appropriate research tools

New Quality - as a training company we give to our clients knowledge of the principles and methods of professional customer service. This knowledge is the result of our experience, reflection and market researches

More possibilities - thanks to the multi-range experiences of our team, we can combine services Mystery Client Audits and Product Audit.

Added value - during Mystery Client research, we often provide our clients additional services free of charge.

Detailed offer?



Arousing interest, convincing, relationships, controlling of conversation, retail, B2B.

Customer Service

Methods of service, communication techniques, etiquette